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New Netflix Series with Hugh Aynesworth

December 9, 2019

Netflix 5-Episode Series Now Streaming

Mahita Gajanan – Time Magazine – December 6, 2019

Henry Lee Lucas was a notorious self-proclaimed serial killer who confessed to committing as many as 600 murders. But as detailed by the new Netflix documentary series The Confession Killer, most of these claims were lies. Through archival footage from news channels and police confessional videos, and interviews with law enforcement officials and the families of victims, directors Robert Kenner and Taki Oldham offer a compelling look at the fallout wrought by Lucas’ false confessions—and the police officers who were more than willing to go along with them.

Journalists who covered Lucas’ case found his confessions suspicious from the start. As he began to piece together the dates and settings of each murder Lucas claimed to have committed, the reporter Hugh Aynesworth quickly found holes that suggested Lucas was not in fact behind the murders. Ina piece published in the Dallas Times Herald in 1985, Aynesworth and the journalist Jim Henderson laid out exactly how the geographical logistics of Lucas’ claims would have made it impossible for him to have been at every single murder scene.

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