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Ron Chapman

April 26, 2021

Ron Chapman has died at the age of 85.

Chapman was one of the Press Club of Dallas’ original inductees to the Legends of North Texas Journalism in 2011.

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From his Radio Hall of Fame biography:

Ron Chapman’s radio career began in 1953—the day he graduated from high school—when he became a disc jockey at station WHAV/Haverhill, MA. After working for two years with the Voice of the United Nations Command in Korea, Chapman moved to Connecticut and stationWHNC/New Haven. In 1959, as “Irving Harrigan” he joined the staff KLIF/Dallas, where he teamed up with Jack Woods (a.k.a. Charlie Brown), playing records and providing character voices as stars of the popular Charlie and Harrigan Show.

In 1969, Chapman joined the staff of KVIL-FM/Dallas-Fort Worth as morning disc jockey, music director, and program director, bringing the “adult contemporary” format to FM radio. During his 31 years at KVIL, Chapman became famous for his upbeat humor and his participation in outrageous stunts and giveaways. At one point, Chapman broadcast live while skydiving from a plane. In one infamous stunt, Chapman told his listeners to each send $20 to the station; within three days, the station had received$200,000 (the money was donated to charity).

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In 2000, Chapman moved to KLUV/Dallas, an“oldies” station where he stayed until announcing his retirement from radio in 2005. In 2007, he returned to broadcasting part-time as a “permanent substitute” for legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey. He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2012.

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