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2014 Press Club Board Candidates Announced

June 22, 2014

A Meet the Candidates night will be held in July. Watch your inbox for your electronic ballot and more details on our annual meeting Thursday, August 7th, at KERA.

Board members whose terms continue through 2015 include:
Media– Megan Gray, John “Doc” Strange, Tony Pederson and Professional– Brian Mayes.

At its board meeting on June 21, 2014 the Press Club of Dallas board approved the following candidates for board positions for 2014-2015:

Media– President– Niki McCuistion, Executive producer/producer of the McCuistion television program

Professional– President Elect- Frank Librio, Vice President of Communication/Marketing Division at the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau

Professional– Cary Broussard- Managing Director, Broussard Global, author: From Cinderella to CEO

Media– Elizabeth Colton, PhD, Emmy winning journalist- ABC News, NPR etc.; CEO Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations

Media– Deborah Fleck- journalist, Dallas Morning News, Metro section

Media– Michael Grant- former President, Belo Productions, station manager; Belo, WFAA, Dallas, etc., Director of Marketing Phillips MediaSource

Media– Chris Howell- Producer/ co-host, NBC 5’s Talk Street, Managing Director, Chris Howell Communications, LLC

Professional– Shawn Paul Wood- Chief Communications Carpenter Woodworks Communications; Blogger, Talent Zoo Networks, writer, PR News

Read more about the candidates.