Board Minutes

September 25, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting

October 29, 2018

Press Club of Dallas

Board of Directors Minutes

Sept. 25, 2018

Cary Broussard Headquarters – 6060 N. Central Expy #101

Attending board members: Paul Wahlstrom, Song Yang, Cary Broussard, Zane Harrington, Barry Hoffman, Arnold Wayne Jones, Liz Farmer, Martha Tiller (4:20 pm)

Absent: Tristan Hallman, Hugh Aynesworth

The meeting convened at 4:08 p.m.

Minutes from Sept. 17

No approval, postponed the vote


Briefly discussed Memberize. Zane Harrington is chairing membership committee.


Hoping webmaster won’t have to update the website and that board can cover it.

Aynesworth submission needs to be taken down.

Song would like to be main person on the board heading up the website.

Paul said he doesn’t see Todd being the person to upload minutes etc. Someone on the board should do it.

He said Michael Grant has promoted Legends on Facebook, more than anyone else.

Liz Farmer said Angela has been great pushing out Legends, but it’d be great to have more help, like a committee. Paul Wahlstrom responded that Liz Farmer could set up committee to help if she wanted, but we can also just coordinate between who’s working on events and what they need in terms of promotion etc.

4:20 p.m.

Martha Tiller joined the meeting.

Aynesworth Awards

Zane Harrington pushed out the Aynesworth Awards with the Visit Dallas contacts

There was discussion of the cost.

Barry Hoffman said we had 40 entrees last year, 56 entrees this year, a lot came from weeklies

Paul Wahlstrom said we need to get started soon to decide who will take over the event committees next year, so they can learn as the club goes through them this year.

Paul Wahlstrom said he would like to get an entry brochure with application to send out.

4:32 p.m.

Cary Broussard suggested someone to head communications.

Paul Wahlstrom said we can discuss in January when we have a moment to regroup. He wants to do Legends in May, so it’s not within six months of the Aynesworth Awards.

4:33 p.m.

Zane Harrington asked if a freelancer wrote something for a Texas publication if it would qualify for the Hugh Awards. Barry Hoffman and Paul Wahlstrom agreed.

4:36 p.m.

North Texas Giving Day

Cary Broussard stated not every donation gets matched.  Press Club raised just under $500.

4:37 p.m.


Cary Broussard said 31 tickets have sold.

She said she assumes that doesn’t include 10 tickets are reserved for students and faculty that Pierce Allman has donated.

She thinks capacity is 325 at Sixth Floor.

Cary Broussard said having more Legends can help increase attendance because they bring their families and round it out. This year there are nine Legends, as opposed to a larger number before.

Paul Wahlstrom said most of our fundraising events are outside of membership.

Cary Broussard suggested launching a campaign and perhaps sending out an e-blast tonight.

Paul Wahlstrom said this is why he wanted to do a happy hour next week to promote it.

Arnold Wayne Jones suggested using a QR code to link to the Eventbrite. He agreed to look into it.

Paul Wahlstrom said he thinks we should get board members to come and pitch it as a way to help promote the club.

Paul Wahlstrom said he thought we had a table last year where people could walk up at the event and buy tickets there.

Martha Tiller asked if we should pitch media to support their colleagues.


Cary Broussard said we’ve sold this event out every year and that we need to get some e-blasts out through Memberize. She suggested sending out three emails that would be personalized with people’s names. Steve Smith can cover this. Michelle has always been the person to do this, but she thinks Steve can take over.

Cary Broussard suggested also pushing out three Mailchimps.

Paul Wahlstrom suggested talking to the Legends themselves and see if they’d like to invite people.

Arnold Wayne Jones said we should reach out to previous recipients.

Cary Broussard said Steve Smith has the list from Scott Goldstein (who just got off the board and is co-chair of Legends), but doesn’t think he’s contacted them yet.


Legends have a discounted membership with the Press Club – they can join for $20.

Paul Wahlstrom said 11 former Legends are members.

The list needs to be checked, Paul Wahlstrom said some of the contacts have passed away.

Song Yang asked who the gatekeeper is for the database.

Cary Broussard said there isn’t one specific person, but it’s in Mailchimp and definitely needs to be cleaned up.

Cary Broussard said we download the membership list from Memberize and upload it to Mailchimp.

Song Yang said she’d like to help clean up the list, which is particularly bad in Mailchimp since it’s not automated like Memberize.

Song Yang asked how much we’re paying for Mailchimp? Cary responded that it’s free.

Paul Wahlstrom said the biggest need for Legends is volunteers. Four to five people for check-in desk.

Stacy Bridgers, Martha Tiller will help. Song Yang will help with the Powerpoint.

Aynesworth Awards

Arnold Wayne Jones asked about sponsorship for the Aynesworth Awards.

Barry Hoffman said he never saw a budget for the Aynesworth event last year.

Cary Broussard said the printed program was really expensive last year. The art was donated and the mockup, but the printing was expensive.

5 p.m.

Martha Tiller said Cynthia Smoot’s husband has a printing place and is happy to ask about options if someone helps guide her for the Aynesworth Awards, which Cary Broussard said she would.

5:02 p.m.

Steve Smith called in.

Arnold Wayne Jones said he’d ask someone at The Voice for a mockup of the printed program, which the Press Club give them sponsorship for doing. He said they use DFW Printing, but The Voice wouldn’t be able to cover that cost. He said he’ll ask Leo, The Voice publisher, if they can donate the layout.

Paul Wahlstrom said we need about 250 copies.

Finalists get certificates.

5:07 p.m.

Martha Tiller asked who’s getting ads for the brochure. Paul Wahlstrom clarified that that’s under the umbrella from sponsorships. Last year it cost a minimum of $75 to be in the program. Major sponsors get tickets in addition to the ad.

Paul Wahlstrom said David Dunnigan already sold a page for the Aynesworth Awards.

5:10 p.m.

Barry Hoffman told Steve Smith that for the nominations, all of broadcast and daily newspapers have been sent out.

Barry Hoffman and Liz Farmer discussed access for the newspaper judge to read articles online.

5:18 p.m.

Scott Goldstein arrived.

Paul Wahlstrom said sponsorships are critical, we have 30 percent of what is needed.

Legends Powerpoint

Scott Goldstein said one screen will scroll through sponsors and there will be a separate presentation for the stage with bios and photos of the Legends. He said Tristan Hallman agreed to make them.

So far, 128 total tickets have been sold, though Scott Goldstein said that’s misleading because with the sponsors they often don’t use them, but he said he’s trying to clarify whether they’ll use them and if not, if they can give them to the Legends.

Individual ticket sales are only about 20,

There are 24 sponsors, including Pierce Allman and Visit Dallas from Frank Librio.

Others sponsors were at the standard $250 level.

Paul Wahlstrom asked for a copy of the list that we discussed, which Scott said he’d provide.

Two e-blasts through Memberize. Steve Smith said he added a list of former Legends to Mailchimp. Scott said he would give him copy to send out.

Networking Happy Hours

Paul Wahlstrom said he’s going to talk to the following places:

Old Monk for an event Nov. 13

The Mansion for an event Dec. 11 or 18

Zane Harrington said he knows the director of sales and marketing and communications if we need a contact.

5:30 p.m. Scott Goldstein left.

5:32 p.m.

New Business

Zane Harrington said he has a relationship with PRSA, so he can reach out to them for support.

Paul Wahlstrom said we thought the board now had 10 board members, which can make it difficult to reach a quorum.

5:35 p.m.

Cary Broussard said the Sammons Center for the Arts is hosting Journalism in the Arts Sept. 27

She’s working on the program for Legends with Scott Goldstein.

Aynesworth Awards

Cary Broussard said we didn’t send a press release out about John McCaa hosting the Aynesworth Awards, but after Legends, so it’s not confusing.

Paul Wahlstrom said he’d like a packet put together for the Aynesworth finalists, including information on the new boutique hotel, Texican.

Barry Hoffman and Paul Wahlstrom said we need a press release about the Aynesworth Awards send that out the Monday after the event.

Barry Hoffman said his goal is to heighten the interest and credibility of the awards.

Press Releases

Cary Broussard said there was a member at the annual meeting who could write press releases, but Paul said he’d really like a board member to do it.

Cary Broussard said she and JoAnn Holt have been the ones writing the press releases, so they need to step back from that. Paul Wahlstrom said he understood and for now, would like it to be within the board since it’s coming up so quickly, but we can revisit in January.

Zane Harrington offered to do the press releases if someone would edit.

5:45 p.m. Arnold Wayne Jones left.

Martha Tiller said Dotty Griffith wanted to join the board but didn’t feel like she had time to attend meetings, however she’s a good writer. Martha Tiller said perhaps she could be someone else who could help with writing later.

The press release about John McCaa hosting the Aynesworth Awards and the finalists can go out the third week of October to first week of November. Zane Harrington will write press release. Liz Farmer and Paul Wahlstrom will review.

5:50 p.m.

The meeting adjourned.


Liz Farmer, secretary

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