Board Minutes

September 2017 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

October 27, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 4:18 PM on September 26th by President Cary Broussard
Visit Dallas (325 N. Saint Paul St, Suite 700)

Attending: Cary Broussard, Martha Tiller, Barry Hoffman, Hugh Aynesworth, Lauren Reed, Ayona Anderson, Frank Librio, Jo Ann Holt, Tristan Hallman, Scott Goldstein, Kevin Farrell

Excused Absence: Scott Keenan, Cory Smith

Pre-Board Meeting Committee Discussion:

  • Introduction of Michelle Bernard McClure, PCD Administrator
  • Discussion of building out our PCD email list

Old Business:

  1. Approval of August minutes:
    Martha Tiller motioned to approve August minutes. Seconded by Lauren Reed. Motion Approved.
  1. Financials: August 2017
    Discussion to approve Financials tabled until later in meeting
  • President’s Report
  • Officer Transition:
    • Treasurer Tristan Hallman & President Cary Broussard have been in contact Mac Duvall, PCD accountant re: financial reporting procedures
    • Introduction of Michelle Bernard McClure, PCD Administrator. Discussion of her background.Administrative Transition
  • Board Book Circulated
  • Strategic Planning
    • Oct 14th Meeting postponed. To be help January 27th, to be co-led by President Cary Broussard with President-Elect Cory Smith
  • Member Survey Target Date: Late December

*Financials Revisited

  • Financial report from Frank Librio and Tristan Hallman
    • $2,835.21 in Operating Account.
    • $7,588.94 in Special Events Account
    • Membership dues YTD have dropped $300-$400.
  • Motion to approve financials by Jo Ann Holt. Motion seconded by Frank Librio. Motion approved.

New Business

  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Potential to collaborate with the Press Club Foundation Scholarship Fun of Communities Foundation of Texas where the $450,000 scholarship fund is “housed.”
    2. Cary Broussard and Tristan Hallman met with Jay Rosser, who is a member of the CFT’s Press Club scholarship advisory board. Subsequent meetings are underway of which Cary and Tristan will keep the BOD apprised.
  2. Hugh Aynesworth for Excellence in Journalism Awards Update
    1. Budget: Cary Broussard & Frank Librio
      1. Venue: 6th Floor Museum – Thursday, Nov 30.
      2. Capacity reduced from Legends Awards due to exhibit
    2. Entries, Tickets, Volunteers: Barry Hoffman & Jo Ann Holt
      1. Confidential list of finalists reviewed
      2. Finalists to be individually notified by Barry Hoffman. Press release to be published shortly thereafter
      3. $35 tickets for members. $50 for general public
      4. $5250 goal for ticket sales
    3. Sponsors & Sponsorship Package: Frank Librio
      1. President Cary Broussard to serve as contact person for media inquiries
      2. $7500 in currently pending sponsorships
      3. Scott Goldstein to ask Dallas Bar Association to sponsor at $2500 level
    4. Event ROS and Caterer: Martha Tiller
      1. Presenters list to be compiled and approved by BOD
    5. Marketing: Barry Hoffman and Ayona Anderson
      1. Hugh Aynesworth to ask Dale Hansen to emcee event/interview
      2. Ayona Anderson to contact Cafe Momentum to cater.
      3. PCD memberships bought at event will have $15 savings applied.
  3. Chair Reports
    1. JoAnn Holt: Membership Committee outreach has been formed
    2. Marketing, Ayona Anderson – Building out branding/marketing plans
  4. Other Upcoming Events
    1. President Cary Broussard to field requests to promote other events.

Meeting adjourned at 5:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Kevin Farrell, Board Secretary

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