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Press Club of Dallas Annual Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2016

[fusion_text]*2015 minutes were approved at the 2016 annual membership meeting*



Tuesday | August 25, 2015

KERA Studios




President Niki McCuistion called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m.



Motion:  A motion to approve the minutes of the August 7, 2014, annual meeting was made by Liz Oliphant and seconded by David Dunnigan.  Motion carried.



McCuistion reported YTD total assets/revenue (as of July 2015) is $56,153.96, which includes $32,138.20 from the Michael Jenkins Tribute and donations to the club in honor of Bert Shipp.


Total assets for the period ending June 30, 2015 is $56,153.96 vs. $84,295.28 from the same period last year reflecting $30,000.00 conveyed to the Press Club of Dallas Scholarship Foundation at the Communities Foundation – net proceeds from the Michael Jenkins Tribute.


McCuistion reported that total operating expenses for the period ending July 30, 2015 is $11,036.20 vs. $7,570.36, reflecting an increase due to the redesign of the club’s website and the board approved part-time administrative assistance.


McCuistion reported that the club has watched expenses closely, and that the main expenses continue to be accounting, legal, and event expenditures.


Motion to approve the financial report was made by Frank Librio and seconded by John ‘Doc’ Strange. Motion carried.



McCuistion reported that last year at the Dallas Press Club’s Annual Meeting there were 100 paid members and to date there are 108 members. McCuistion noted that there were a few more members whose dues are being processed and that the board approved free memberships for college and university students.




McCuistion reported that her term as President focused on 501(c)3 governance and that several issues were addressed to make sure the club was in line with non-profit operations. For example, a Finance Committee was instituted to work with Duvall & Associates to report monthly and year-end financials in a manner consistent with 501(c)3 best practices.


McCuistion thanked board member Shawn Paul Wood for his expertise and assistance for obtaining 3 quotes from website designers and negotiating best pricing to hire Atomic Designs for the website redesign project.


Several events were produced over the past twelve months including collaboration with the Video Association of Dallas for a special screening of the documentary “Killing the Messenger”; a partnership with the World Affairs Council to host the editor of the Jerusalem Post; the successful Tribute to Michael Jenkins – the club’s 2014 Newsmaker of the Year. McCuistion thanked Pat Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gummer, Joanne Holt, Dallas Summer Musicals Staff, Liz Oliphant, Tony Pederson, and John “Doc” Strange for their assistance in producing that event.


McCuistion thanked board member Frank Librio for his efforts producing the club’s New Beginnings event held at the Le Meridian | Stoneleigh Hotel – an event to unveil the club’s new mission and website and to present a $30,000.00 scholarship grant to the Press Club of Dallas Scholarship Foundation in the name of Michael Jenkins. The event was held in the Penthouse of the hotel, a long-time meeting place of the club. Mayor Mike Rawlings provided a special recognition to honor the club and the Stoneleigh Hotel.


McCuistion thanked board members Cary Broussard and Hugh Aynesworth who worked as co-chairs to produce the Excellence in Journalism – North Texas Legends Awards held at the Sixth Floor Museum. Thirteen esteemed journalists were recognized for their contributions to journalism over their long careers in North Texas.


McCuistion reported that she was invited to sit on the scholarship selection committee and the Communities Foundation of Texas and recognized local university students who were awarded the 2015 Press Club of Dallas Foundation Scholarships.

  • Ricky Fumes (UNT – Commercial Arts)
  • Clayton Youngman (TCU – Journalism)




At its board meeting on July 2015 the Press Club of Dallas board approved the following candidates for board positions for 2015-2016, voting confirmed the members.


  • Frank Librio, President (PR/Communications)
  • Scott Goldstein, President-Elect (PR/Communications)
  • Hugh Aynesworth (Media)
  • Stephanie Lucero (Media)
  • Ed Bark (Media)
  • Anna Clark (Media)


Board members whose terms continue through 2016 include:

  • John “Doc” Strange (Media)
  • Michael Grant (Media)
  • Niki McCuistion (Media)
  • Deborah Fleck (Media)
  • Shawn Paul Wood (PR/Communications)
  • Cary Broussard (PR/Communications)



President Frank Librio recognized Niki McCuistion for her many years of service to the Press Club of Dallas noting her leadership and efforts to move the club forward, especially in the areas of governance and non-profit management. Librio presented McCuistion with a modest thank you gift for her service.


Librio reported that his term would continue on that good work, uphold the club’s mission and pillars in which it operates – and focus on efforts to keep the club relevant, financially stable, and retain and grow membership. Librio said he would be talking to the board about a membership retention and growth plan – with a pledge to gain at least 50 new members over the next twelve months.


He also reported that he would be recommending to the board that a consultant be hired to assist in the creation of a Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan to identify goals over the next 3-5 years and tactics on how to obtain them – in order to provide guidance for this board and subsequent boards.


Librio said he would be visiting with the board at their meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting with recommendations regarding meeting times/days/location, committee assignments, event assignments, and a proposed work plan.




There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Frank J. Librio, Jr. – President (for Cary Broussard – Secretary/absent)[/fusion_text]

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