Board Minutes

October 2017 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

December 18, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

October 24, 2017 | 4 – 6 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 4:09 PM on October 24th by President Cary Broussard

VisitDallas, 325 N. St. Paul Street, Suite 700

Attending: Cary Broussard, Barry Hoffman, Hugh Aynesworth, Ayona Anderson, Frank Librio,, Tristan Hallman, Scott Goldstein, Cory Smith, Martha Tiller, Jo Ann Holt, Kevin Farrell

Teleconferencing in: Lauren Reed, Angela Madison

Excused Absence: Scott Keenan

Old Business

  1. Approval of Minutes: September 26, 2017
    Barry Hoffman motioned to approve August minutes. Seconded by Frank Librio.
    Motion Approved
  2. Financials: September 2017

Operating Account: $1,179.32
Event Account: $7,588.94
Savings Account: $12,052.60
Scholarship Account: $2,191.03
Cory Smith motioned to approve September financials. Seconded by Ayona Anderson. Motion Approved.

New Business

President’s Report: Cary Broussard

  1. Press Club of Dallas Foundation Scholarship Fund Update with Tristan Hall, Treasurer
  2. Press Club Foundation/Scholarship Advisory Board Report
  • Cary Broussard and Tristan Hallman reported that they met with CFT CEO Dave Scullin on October 24, and that they are hopeful that the PCD will have future representation on the CFT scholarship foundation board. Frank Librio suggested that PCD should aim to have two additional spots on Scholarship Advisory Board for current PCD President and Treasurer. PCD would be incentivized to help raise further donations if we had more say in how funds are being spent.

3.  Hugh Aynesworth Excellence in Journalism Awards Update with Barry Hoffman, Event co-chair

  • Name has been changed to Hugh Aynesworth Excellence in Journalism Awards


  • Frank Librio reports Visit Dallas will donate $2500, and PCD will be the recipient of a fundraising event at Savor Dallas for another estimated $1500.
  • Frank Librio reminded the board that solicitations for donations must be accompanied by a PCD form letter/package outlining the benefits.
  • VIP Reception for finalists prior to the ceremony.


  • We have a vetted list of 15 presenters now. Only 10 are needed.
  • Barry Hoffman will make sure there are no conflicts of interest between presenters and the nominees of their categories.
  • President Cary Broussard, Ayona Anderson and Kevin Farrell to develop Powerpoint presentation for the ceremony.

Revenues & Expenses

  • President Cary Broussard to purchase insurance for the event.
  • 17 finalists, but 50 submissions.

Marketing & PR

  • Marketing Point Ayona Anderson reports:
    • Promotional social media calendar has been built out in advance, and is ready to be posted daily.
    • “Slow burn” Twitter tagging campaign asking why individuals are excited about the Aynesworth Awards to be launched shortly.
    • Potential to incorporate the 1-year anniversary of the Trump presidency into awards outreach.

Chair Reports

  • Membership – Jo Ann Holt-Caussey
    • Membership is down. PCD must improve our efforts to remind members to renew.
    • Renewal email reminders are now being properly routed to President Cary Broussard and Jo Ann Holt.
  • Marketing – Ayona Anderson
    • President Cary Broussard asks, “What is the messaging we would like to be sharing beyond the Aynesworth Awards?” PCD must zero in on our online branding and messaging beyond our awards.
  • Other


Respectfully submitted,  Kevin Farrell, Board Secretary

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