Board Minutes

November 2017 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

January 28, 2018

November 28, 2017 | 4 – 6 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 4:07 PM on November 28th by President Cary Broussard

Visit Dallas (325 N. Saint Paul St, Suite 700)

Attending: Cary Broussard, Jo Ann Holt, Barry Hoffman, Hugh Aynesworth, Ayona Anderson, Frank Librio, Cory Smith, Martha Tiller, Scott Goldstein, Angela Madison, Tristan Hallman, Kevin Farrell

Guests of the Board of Directors in Attendance: Paula Aynesworth

Old Business:

Approval of Minutes: October, 2017
Jo Ann Holt motioned to approve August minutes. Seconded by Cory Smith. Motion Approved.

  1. Financials: October 2017
    1. Barry Hoffman motioned to approve August minutes, subject to revisions upon review. Seconded by Cory Smith. Motion Approved.
    2. President Cary Broussard reports an early effort to organize a Legacy Giving program, so help sustain PCD’s efforts.
  1. President’s Report
    1. New Date for Strategic Planning Session: January 27
      1. President Cary Broussard requested $750 to pay the Strategic Planning Session Administrator half of her fee upfront to secure her assistance.
    2. Lauren Reed has submitted her resignation from the Board of Directors.
    3. Scott Keenan has submitted his intention to resign from the Board of Directors, citing his inability to attend meetings. He expressed his interest in remaining active within the Press Club, and may serve on the Advisory Board to the President.
    4. Nominations for new Board Members
  1. Chair Reports
    1. Membership:
      1. Member Holiday Party Options
        1. Tentatively aiming for Dec 13th or 14th. Venue to be announced Friday, Dec 1.
      2. Savor’s Shaken & Stirred Dec. 2nd Event at the Statler Hotel: Press Club Benefit: Table at Shaken & Stirred for Membership Recruitment
        1. Secretary Kevin Farrell to attend & man table as a PCD representative
  1. Marketing & Events: Hugh Aynesworth Awards
    1. Report on Walkthrough
      1. PCD BOD members met with Cafe Momentum at The Sixth Floor Museum today to preview the space, and run through logistics.
      2. Videographer and Photographer are both confirmed
      3. President Cary Broussard to request pricing for an additional 30 minutes of event time from The Sixth Floor Museum.
    2. Barry Hoffman presented Hughee physical awards & plaques. He reports:
      1. 39 entries, 17 finalists.
      2. All categories were represented, including digital news site, a sign of what the future may hold
      3. With the exception of El Paso, all cities with more than 500,000 population were represented.
      4. Daily newspaper with most entries — Austin American-Statesman — 3
      5. Radio stations with most entries — Texas Public radio — DFW, San Antonio and Houston — 7
      6. Most southern location in Texas represented — Mission Texas, the Progress Times weekly newspaper
      7. Most northern location in Texas represented — Howe, Texas, the Howe Enterprise weekly newspaper.
    3. Event P&L
      1. Total revenue from sponsors & ads: $16,000
      2. Total estimated net profit: $10,000
      3. Finalists to receive one comped parking space per submission
      4. Tickets will sell out
    4. Board Responsibilities
      1. Board members should report to the space by 5pm
  1. Other

Meeting adjourned at 5:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Kevin Farrell, Board Secretary

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