Board Minutes

May 2018 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

August 20, 2018

May 29, 2018

Location – Visit Dallas HQ, 325 St. Paul St., Dallas

Attending: Board members – Cary Broussard, Jo Ann Holt, Barry Hoffman, Martha Tiller, Zane Harrington, Liz Farmer, Hugh Aynesworth, Paul Wahlstrom (Aynesworth Awards chair) ; By phone – Cory Smith, Scott Goldstein, Tristan Hallman

Absent: Frank Librio, Angela Madison

The meeting convened at 4:05 p.m.

Old Business
Approval of the minutes for April 24. Moved by Martha Tiller, seconded by Hugh Aynesworth. Passed unanimously.

Approval of April 2018 financial report. Moved by Barry Hoffman, seconded by Martha Tiller, passed unanimously.

President’s Report

Welcome to new board members – Cary Broussard welcomed Liz Farmer and Zane Harrington to the Press Club board and told them their knowledge and creativity would be most welcome. “It’s important to be frank” when discussing important issues before the board, she said.

Cary also took time to explain how the BOD is organized and that the board is need of one or two more media people. A discussion followed, centering on establishing a membership committee. One name was offered, and the suggestion that “influencers” be considered for the board. No decision was reached, and all agreed more discussion was needed.

Foundation scholarships
Cary reported that three scholarships would be offered in our name as a co-sponsor with Communities Giving Foundation. The largest was $15,000, a record for the Press Club. The other two were for $5,000 and $2,500.

Cary has a follow-up meeting with the Communities Foundation scheduled for June 11, and BOD members were welcome to attend. She added that with BOD approval, an event announcing the scholarships would be held at the Sixth Floor Museum June 18.

Jo Ann Holt moved for acceptance of the proposal, Cory Smith seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Press Club administrative needs and Web update requirements
In analyzing Press Club monthly expenses and what our future needs may be, Cary offered the current monthly costs to the Club for staffing:
Webmaster – $250
Administrative and membership services – $200
Accounting services – $400

Discussed the possibility of combining duties of a Press Club Administrator to include coordination of the Aynesworth Awards, the Legends Awards and monthly administrative duties.

Aynesworth Awards
Award entry rules to posted on the PC Website by June 15. Entry deadline closes Aug. 31. Paul Wahlstrom said the contract for the Irving Convention Center was due June 1 and the event was scheduled for Friday, Dec. 1.

Legends Awards
Discussion topics included date, location and number of honorees. While no decision was made, the consensus was to keep the Legends Awards as a separate event from the Aynesworth Awards, that the Sixth Floor Museum was still our first choice, although Martha Tiller and Zane Harrington would check out other venues. Hugh Aynesworth suggested that a maximum of six honorees would be sufficient. Scott Murray had expressed an interest in emceeing the event, and a tentative date of sometime in September was seen as the best choice. Tristan suggested some sort of fund-raiser at the event itself.

Cary also suggested a separate BOD meeting to boost membership – a “membership renewal drive” – to touch base with members whose memberships have expired in the last year and reach out to prospective members. All this would be designed to add to the Press Club treasury and promote more member activity.

The meeting was adjourned at 6 p.m.

– Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barry Hoffman

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