Board Minutes

March 2018 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

May 1, 2018

[fusion_text]March 27, 2018

Location – Dallas Morning News, 1954 Commerce, St.

Attending: Cary Broussard, Cory Smith, Tristan Hallman, Hugh Aynesworth, Martha Tiller, Barry Hoffman, Ayona Anderson, Jo Ann Holt, Scott Goldstein, Frank Librio

By Phone: Angela Madison

The meeting convened at 4:15 pm

Old Business  Approval of the minutes for Feb. 2018 meeting: Cory Smith moved for approval, seconded by Jo Ann Holt, passed unanimously. Jan. 2018 minutes to be corrected.

Approval of February 2018 financial report to be held for reconciliation. Tristan to obtain a definition for the term “retained earnings” from our accountant.

President’s Report

Cary Broussard proposed that the Press Club of  Dallas begin an effort to establish a Legacy Giving Fund through the Communities Giving Foundation that eventually would result in a a sustained journalism scholarship programs controlled and distributed by the Press Club.

Following a discussion, Frank Librio moved that the board explore the requirements and particulars for establishing a legacy fund. Angela Madison seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

In conjunction with this, Cary said the board should promote Press Club scholarships at the today’s general membership meeting. Jo Ann Holt said she would send out a press release announcing the scholarships, when appropriate.

Discussion of Aynesworth Awards

Cary Broussard asked for a prioritized task timeline for getting the Aynesworth Awards contest underway. In concert with this, Barry Hoffman provided an updated list of entry categories and their descriptions, to be posted on the Press Club Web site and published elsewhere as soon as entry deadlines are established.

After discussion, the board determined the following tasks (subject to amending) to be essential in creating a smooth procedure for the awards process:

1) Establish dates for the contest entries, both the beginning and final deadline.

2) Find a suitable location for the awards event and firm up the date.

3) Determine a chairperson(s) for the awards, which will include oversight on all aspects of the process. After discussing a number of people, Barry Hoffman and Hugh Aynesworth said they would talk to Past President Paul Wahlstrom to see if he would be interested.

4) Check with Eva Parks to see whether she would be interested – on a part-time basis or for a set fee – initiating and following through on the operational end of the awards process. Cory Smith said he would contact Eva to check on her continued interest and/or availability. Scott Goldstein said he would make sure the Google Sheets program was available to store entries, as it had done effectively in 2017.

5) Implement programs that would use connections of the Honorary Council members to publicize the awards and make their availability known to members of the news media.

6) Utilize social media as a direct outreach to news people in encouraging them to enter the contest.

7) Once the dates for the contest have been set, notify the judges and make sure they’re on board to evaluate the entries and make their decisions within a three week period.

8) Work to obtain sponsors on a pre-planned basis, eliminating any last-minute needs for additional funding.

9) Begin work on the program itself, including making sure the awards will arrive on time, and obtaining the services of the MC and presenters.

Discussion of Legends Awards

Scott Goldstein and Tristam Hallman were designated as co-chairs with a mandate to select a date and begin winnowing down the nominees. No site was chosen, but discussion centered around returning to the Sixth Floor for a third year.

Board Candidates

Two candidates of the Press Club Board of Directors were introduced: Liz Farmer (suggested by Tristan) , a former Morning News reporter who now works as a an executive writer for IT Workforce Solutions; and Zane Harrington (suggested by Frank), a communications specialists for Visit Dallas.


Official board business ended at 5:10 pm, so that everyone could participate in a general Press Club meeting  for all members.

– Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barry Hoffman[/fusion_text]

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