Board Minutes

June 2018 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

August 20, 2018

June 26, 2018

Location – Visit Dallas HQ, 325 St. Paul St., Dallas

Attending Board members: Cary Broussard, Jo Ann Holt, Barry Hoffman, Martha Tiller, Zane Harrington, Hugh Aynesworth, Scott Goldstein, Cory Smith, Tristan Hallman; ex-officio – Michelle McClure, Clarisse Galloy-Baudelaire

Absent: Liz Farmer, Frank Librio, Angela Madison

The meeting convened at 4:05 p.m.

Old Business
Approval of the minutes for May 29. Moved by Cory Smith, seconded by Martha Tiller. Passed unanimously.

Approval of April 2018 financial report, which noted $700 in membership renewals in May. Moved by Barry Hoffman, seconded by Cory Smith, passed unanimously.

President’s Report

Communities Foundation affiliation
Cary Broussard proposed the Press Club establish an operating fund of about $10,000 with the Communities Foundation of Dallas. She added that establishing the relationship with the Communities Foundation could help the Press Club focus its fundraising in conjunction with North Texas Giving Day on Sep. 20, with which the Foundation has a strong connection. The cross-marketing could be very beneficial for us, she said. Cary said she would be having a conference call with the Foundation on July 17, and Press Club BOD members were welcome to join in. Our financial obligations were still being explored, Cary added, but she did not believe they were onerous, and she would report back to the board with exact amounts when she had them.

In the discussion that followed, the board discussed the feasibility of raising enough money – an estimated $30,000 annually – including paying a coordinator to perform the duties necessary to operate our awards events, the Hugh Aynesworth Excellence in Journalism Awards, and the Legends in Journalism Awards. This goal met general acceptance, but no vote was taken to take further action on implementing it. Most board members wanted to wait until after the Sep. 20 North Texas Giving Day event to see if it produced significant results for the club. Cary called for a vote to finance the $10,000 (minimum) operating fund the through the Communities Foundation of Dallas, providing the financial requirements were acceptable. Tristan Hallman recommended that we postpone the vote until we gathered more information. JoAnn Holt seconded the amendment to Cary’s motion, and the board unanimously agreed to postpone the vote.

Press Club Scholarships
Cary said the Communities Foundation of Texas Press Club of Dallas scholarship awards announcement at the Sixth Floor Museum on June 18 had gone well. Cory Smith and Cary ceremoniously awarded the scholarships at the event. Press club members Doc Strange and Tammany Stern photographed the event. Photos and release were posted on social media and website. The Press Club, the CFT and the scholarship winners also received editorial coverage from our news release.

Corrie Coleman received a $15,000 scholarship. Morgan Price received a $5,000 scholarship and Kilee Torrez received a $2500 scholarship.

This led to a BOD discussion as to how the club sponsors certain events, e.g., panel discussions about how well the news media is doing its job; what are the “hot button” issues facing us, etc. The discussion was tabled, pending establishing a fund-raising plan.
Aynesworth Awards – Cary said that we had made a deposit of $1,125 for our Dec. 1, 2018 awards event at the Irving Convention Center, and that the remaining amount of $3,375 was due Nov. 1.

Legends Awards
Co-chair Scott Goldstein said he was looking at either the Sixth Floor of Trinity Groves for an event to be held either in September or October. Selecting the honorees was still in process, but Scott said it should be accomplished before Aug. 1.

Tristan Tallman made the suggestion that those organizations/individuals wishing to sponsor both the Aynesworth and Legends events could be offered a package discount, which was enthusiastically endorsed by board members and referred to the sponsorship committees.

Cary Broussard circulated lists of past members members – complete with scripts to renew their interest in the club to the BOD for could contact by phone.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

– Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barry Hoffman

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