Board Minutes

July 2018 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

September 14, 2018

July 31, 2018

Location – Visit Dallas HQ, 325 St. Paul St., Dallas

Attending Board members: Cary Broussard, Liz Farmer, Hugh Aynesworth, Jo Ann Holt, Zane Harrington, Barry Hoffman, Martha Tiller, Frank Librio and Paul Wahlstrom (ex officio), Michelle McClure (ex officio , Clarisse Baudelaire (ex officio)

Absent: Scott Goldstein, Cory Smith, Tristan Hallman

The meeting convened at 4:08 pm

Old Business
Approval of the minutes for June 26. Moved by Jo Ann Holt, seconded by Zane Harrington, passed unanimously.

Cary read highlights of June 30 financial report, which was unanimously approved, subject to internal review to confirm that Cary’s report was accurate. (Incorrect financial report was submitted so correct report will be submitted).

President’s Report

Board nominations
Cary explained that the majority of board members must be representatives of the news media. She then distributed the list of nominees.

Communities Foundation affiliation
The BOD participated in a conference call with representatives of the Communities Foundation of Dallas to discuss establishing an operating fund under their auspices. Among the topics were North Texas Giving Day (Sept. 20) handling online credit card processing fees, the Aug, 15 deadline for establishing the fund, responsibilities and authority of Communities Foundation representatives and Press Club of Dallas representatives vis-a-vis the fund, the possibility of investing through the fund.

A motion was offered to allocate $10,000 from the Press Club of Dallas account to join the fund under auspices of the Communities Foundation of Dallas by Aug. 15. It’s purpose would be “for investment, fund-raising, monetary management and operational purposes.” The motion passed unanimously, with Cary exercising Cory Smith’s proxy.

Legends Awards
The event is scheduled for Oct. 13 at the Sixth Floor museum. Cary said a news release would be issued with all the winners around the middle of August.

Aynesworth Awards
Entries are slowly coming in, Barry Hoffman reported. Cary asked how much time we had for lengthening the entry deadline and it was determined that the contest could be (with a price increase) extended if needed.

Membership campaign
Cary reported that 14 membership renewals and 5 new memberships were recorded during July.

Administrative changes
Cary said that our Press Club administrator Michelle McClure would be leaving Aug. 31. Additionally, web content editor Bill Young has left and Todd Lee Davis is a possibility to replace Bill.

Promotion program
Liz Farmer asked if we could create a small budget to promote some of our events. Frank Librio added that each of us should use social media to post press club events.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

– Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barry Hoffman

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