Board Minutes

June 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2016

[fusion_text]Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 | 4-6 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 4:09pm by President Frank Librio.

  • Attending: Frank, Scott, Denita, Michael, Doc, Ed, Sam, Hugh
  • Phone: Niki, Lauren, Cary
  • Excused Absence: Stephanie


  • Approval of Minutes: May 3, 2016
    • Motion made by Denita and seconded by Doc. Motion approved.
  • Approval of Financials: April 2015 (actual) & May (snapshot)
    • Motion made by Doc and seconded by Niki. Motion approved.


Resignations of Deborah Fleck and Cynthia Garcia:

Deb and Cynthia both sent emails stating they needed to resigned due to work commitments.

A Motion was made by Denita and seconded by Doc to accept their resignations. Motion approved.


Board of Directors Nominating Committee Report

President Elect Scott Goldstein reported on the slate of candidates nominated by club members and fellow board members:

  • Scott Goldstein – Dallas Mayor’s Office – President Elect
  • Tristan Hallman – Dallas Morning News
  • Cory Smith – NBC 5
  • Angela Madison – WFAA
  • Jo Ann Holt – Media
  • Barry Hoffman – Media
  • Hugh Aynesworth – Media
  • Cary Broussard – PR
  • Sam Lopez – PR
  • Michael Grant – PR

If all approved, they will be joined by Frank Librio, Ed Bark, Stephanie Lucero, Denita Lacking-Quinn and Lauren Finegan.

Meet the Candidates Night is set for July 7 at the Stoneleigh Hotel.

A motion was made by Doc and seconded by Michael to accept the slate of candidates. Motion approved.


Discussion Items:

  • Frank reported that he was invited to sit in on the Press Club of Dallas Scholarship Fund grant meetings and was pleased to report that two students will receive scholarship grants based on their financial needs.
  • Frank reported that the remaining $25,000, proceeds from the Michael Jenkins event, were conveyed to the Press Club of Dallas Scholarship Fund.
  • Frank reported that $3,000, a portion of the proceeds from the Bob Schieffer event, was sent to Vanguard Investment Account to grow the club’s reserves to nearly $12,000.
  • The board further discussed obtaining permanent, shared meeting space at the DEC on Market Street and a motion was made by Niki and seconded by Doc to contract with the DEC for monthly meeting space, mail service, kitchen privileges, logo signage and sponsorship of a monthly event called Start-up Grind for $200 per month – total annual cost of $2,400. Motion approved.
  • The board discussed contracting with FME Creative for website maintenance services. A motion was made by Frank and seconded by Scott to approve a $200 monthly retainer for website services. Motion approved.
  • Denita provided a presentation on the club’s social media platforms and talked about how the Facebook and Twitter accounts were being programed and gaining followers.


Meeting adjourned at 5:51 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Sam Lopez for Cary Broussard, Secretary.[/fusion_text]

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