Board Minutes

January 2018 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

March 6, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 1:21 PM on January 27th by President Cary Broussard 6060 N. Central Expressway, Suite 101, Dallas, TX 75206

Attending: Cary Broussard, Cory Smith, Tristan Hallman, Barry Hoffman, Hugh Aynesworth, Frank Librio, Scott Goldstein, Martha Tiller, Angela Madison, Ayona Anderson, Jo Ann Holt, Kevin Farrell

Old Business:

  1. Approval of Minutes: November, 2017
    1. Jo Ann Holt motioned to approve August minutes. Seconded by Martha Tiller. Motion Approved.

2.    Financials: November & December 2017

  1. Barry Hoffman motioned to approve November minutes, subject to revisions upon Seconded by Jo Ann Holt. Motion Approved.
  2. Frank Librio thanked Treasurer Tristan Hallman and President Cary Broussard for their work streamlining and preparing PCD’s financial records.
  3. Congratulations for running a profitable Hugh Aynesworth Awards.

3.    President’s Report

  1. Membership
    1. Nominations for new Board Members
      1. Recommendations (a short bio, links to body of work, LinkedIn, personal recommendation) to be made to Angela Madison by February 12 (extended to Feb. 26).
    2. Discussion of a motion to extend officer term lengths to two years. Research to be done into PCD bylaws about enacting such a change.
    3. Secretary Kevin Farrell reluctantly informed the board that he is resigning from his role, to accept a new job in He would like to note that it has been a true honor and pleasure to serve alongside his fellow members.
      1. President Cary Broussard suggests that Kevin be granted Member-at-large status, so he may continue to serve in some

4.    Chair Reports

  1. President Cary Broussard requests a rethinking of our specific chairs and chairpersons.
  2. Chairpersons currently must be a member of the Cary exploring if chairs or co-chairs are Press Club members, but not a board member yet, can they chair a committee.
  3. Angela Madison and Ayona Anderson to co-chair the Marketing Committee
  4. Hugh Aynesworth & Barry Hoffman to form Hugh Aynesworth Awards Committee
  5. Scott Goldstein and Tristan Hallman to co-chair the Legends Awards Committee

5.    Marketing & Events: Hugh Aynesworth Awards

  1. Hugh Aynesworth Awards
    1. The board decided to keep the Hugh Aynesworth Awards and Legends Awards separate events.
    2. The “Hughee” awards to ideally be held in September or October this year
    3. President Cary Broussard suggested outsourcing operations to an event production company. Martha Tiller agreed PCD should get an event production company. Martha Tiller agreed PCD should get a quote.
    4. Frank Librio stressed the importance of Barry Hoffman sharing his planning knowledge with a co-chair during this year’s award ceremonies, so that the information and know-how remain within future lineups of PCD.
    5. Barry Hoffman to chair a special events meeting to begin planning for 2018’s ceremonies, and ideally select co-chairpersons for each event.
  1. Legends Awards
    1. Scott Goldstein suggests setting specific categories for this year’s honorees
    2. Ayona Anderson suggests making outreach to universities about hosting the events. Also check with Sixth Floor Museum on location.
    3. The awards to remain in May
    4. Angela Madison stressed the necessity of outreach to build upon PCD’s reputation and establish new relationships
    5. Website, social media & awards

6.    Programming

Meeting adjourned at 2:19 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Kevin Farrell, Board Secretary[/fusion_text]

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