Board Minutes

February 2018 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

April 17, 2018

[fusion_text]The meeting was called to order at 4:16 PM on February 27th by President Cary Broussard

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Attending: Cary Broussard, Cory Smith, Tristan Hallman, Barry Hoffman, Hugh Aynesworth, Martha Tiller, Angela Madison

Joined by Phone: Ayona Anderson

Excused Absence: Frank Librio, Jo Ann Holt

Old Business:

            Approval of Minutes: January, 2018

  • Cory Smith motioned to approve minutes. Seconded by Martha Tiller. Motion Approved.

      Financials: January 2018

  • Tristan Hallman, postponed the Treasurer’s report until next meeting since January financials were not ready for approval from the accounting firm. The BOD decided we would review Jan. & Feb financials at the March BOD meeting.

President’s Report

Cary agreed to:

  • Provide BOD members with an overview of the Give and Get Policy for BOD members as discussed in the strategic planning meeting
  • Post job description for the Press Club Hughee Awards administrator’s position, once operating plan and budget are agreed upon by the BOD
  • Review PCD By-laws (which is posted on website) to confirm ratio of media to communications professionals needed on the BOD and number of BOD members.
  • All BOD members have sent BOD nominees to Cary Broussard and Angela Madison for review. The nominees were discussed and outreach will begin to select individuals after the meeting, pending the above review of by-laws.

Chair Reports:

Marketing & Events: Angela Madison and Ayona Anderson reviewed plan for Press Club to spotlight journalists and students beginning in March on Facebook

Membership: In JoAnn’s absence, Cary Broussard reported on the membership progress and plans, including that we would hold a Q1 all-member meeting in March. The Dallas Morning News has agreed to host the meeting. JoAnn and Martha Tiller are monitoring New Member and Member Renewals with our administrator Michelle McClure’s assistance through Memberize.

Events: BOD discussed that the Dallas Bar Association would like to partner with the Press Club on a happy hour event, which we agreed to do and plan for April. Martha Tiller recommended numerous locations, including the Ivy and 6500. Cary recommended the Biergarten near the Omni.

Hugh Aynesworth Awards: Hugh, Barry, Cory and Cary reported to the BOD that they met and agreed to nominate a Hugh Aynesworth Awards Honorary Council. Frank Librio and Cary have drafted an invitation to be sent after the meeting.

New Business

      Barry Hoffman agreed to replace Kevin Farrell as Secretary of the Board

Meeting adjourned at 5:52 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Cary Broussard, President[/fusion_text]

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