Board Minutes

February 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2016

Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4:00 – 6:00 pm

Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Press Club of Dallas is to support journalism and communications in all its forms. The organization actively supports the First Amendment, the public’s right to know and the rights of both professional and citizen journalists.

VISION STATEMENT: The Press Club of Dallas (PCD) is the leading professional organization for North Texas journalists, communications professionals and students, and an advocate in support of First Amendment issues. We are a unique organization serving professionals during the ongoing evolution of the industry. PCD has a physical location that serves as a central location for connection & collaboration. PCD stands for integrity, innovation, truth, trust, and transparency. It is built on its rich and respected history since 1948. PCD members engage in relevant programs, events, and awards and serves as an expert resource to the next generation of journalism and communications professionals. Revenues generated through membership and program proceeds support journalism scholarships, the club’s mission and ongoing efforts to enhance the professions of journalism and communications. Membership is considered an honor that members are proud to highlight in resumes, bios, and memorials.


  • Best Practices in operations and governance
  • Board member training
  • Board diversification
  • Give or get
  • Achieve financial stability
  • Committee chairs to recruit volunteers & committee members
  • Collaborate with partner organizations
  • Develop a board scorecard
  • Make, save and give money
    • Obtain corporate sponsors
    • Produce profitable events
    • Grow active membership base
  • Maintain adequate staff and administrative facilities
    • Secure permanent meeting space
  • Offer high-quality, relevant programs
    • Produce profitable events
      • Educational and professional development for members
    • New awards program
  • Increase size of membership
    • Grow active membership base
    • Create a membership welcome packet
    • Have dialogues with media representatives, educators, and the public
    • Communicate to members, sponsors, and prospects through transmedia story-telling about club benefits
    • Develop a campaign for membership drives
    • Welcome new and existing members at every event at the front door and provide nametags
    • Develop and on-line membership directory so members can connect with each other
  • Build the brand
    • Write a marketing plan
    • Positioning statement that recognizes club geography
    • Timely and consistent communications across all platforms


  • Approval of Minutes: February 1, 2016
  • Motion

Finance Committee Report:

  • Niki McCuistion (Chair)
  • Michael Grant (Vice Chair)
  • Scott Goldstein
  • Frank Librio
  • New Chase Special Events Account – Frank
  • $5k transfer from Scholarship Account to Operating Account for DHS PCD archive digitizing project – Frank.
  • Approval of Financials: January 2015 (actual) & February (snapshot)
  • Motion

Governance Committee Report:

  • Niki McCuistion (Chair)
  • Michael Grant (Vice Chair)
  • Hugh Aynesworth
  • Sam Lopez
  • Lauren Finegan Board Appointment – Board
  • Motion
  • Permanent Meeting Space Update | 2929 Canton Street – Frank


Membership Committee (Management/Retention/Development):

  • Deborah Fleck (Chair)
  • Stephanie Lucero (Vice Chair)
  • Denita Lacking-Quinn
  • Sam Lopez
  • Cynthia Garcia
  • Electronic New Member Welcome Packet – Deborah
  • Membership Drive Event – Committee
  • DFW Hispanic Communicators – Joint Event? – Cynthia

Marketing Committee (Social Media/Website/Blog):

  • Michael Grant (Chair)
  • Ed Bark
  • Cary Broussard (PR Chair)
  • Denita Lacking-Quinn (PR Vice Chair)
  • John ‘Doc’ Strange (PR)
  • Holiday Card Recap – Denita
  • Google Analytics – Denita


Special Events:

  • Frank Librio (Chair)
  • Hugh Aynesworth (Vice Chair)
  • Michael Grant
  • Scott Goldstein
  • Stephanie Lucero
  • Weathering Heights Event Recap – Frank & Ed
  • May Mapes Event Postponed – Niki
  • Mike Wilson DMN Editor Event PRSA – Deborah
  • PCD Archives – DHS Digitizing Event (July)

Excellence in Journalism | North Texas Legends

  • Cary Broussard (Chair)
  • Hugh Aynesworth (Vice Chair)
  • Michael Grant
  • Ed Bark


  • Event logo
  • Sponsorship Update
  • Revenue & Expenses Update
  • Printed Program Update
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Needs
  • PCD E-Newsletter Needs
  • Board Sponsorship Solicitation Letter


**Reminder to take someone to lunch in month of March to encourage membership


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