Board Minutes

Board of Directors Minutes – Jan. 22, 2019

March 1, 2019

Press Club of Dallas

Board of Directors Minutes

Jan. 22, 2019

Cary Broussard Headquarters – 6060 N. Central Expwy #101

Attending board members: Paul Wahlstrom, Song Yang, Cary Broussard, Barry Hoffman, Liz Farmer, Hugh Aynesworth, Zane Harrington, Arnold Wayne Jones, Martha Tiller

Absent: Tristan Hallman

The meeting convened at 4:03 p.m.

Steve Smith joined

Approval of Minutes – November 27th Meeting – Secretary Liz Farmer c/o Barry Hoffman

Arnold Wayne Jones made a motion to approve the minutes, Song Yang seconded.

Financial Report

Paul Wahlstrom said the board still owes the Irving Convention Center and needs to review whether there are any outstanding sponsors.

Steve Smith will need to do audit to make sure the old PO box isn’t listed anywhere else and if so, replace with Mac Duvall’s address: 329 Oaks Trail, Suit 109 Garland, Texas 75043.

Zane Harrington made a motion to approve financials, Arnold Wayne Jones seconded.

Membership Report

Zane Harrington has reached out to those whose membership has lapsed and plans to work with Steve Smith to send out a new email to other members.

Paul Wahlstrom suggested reducing the cost of corporate memberships.


Liz Farmer said that she posted about The Dallas Morning News layoffs on social media and is available to promote other content that members suggest.

Website changes – Song Yang

Song Yang did an audit and reviewed the infrastructure of the website with Steve Smith and Todd. It is the lowest hosting on GoDaddy, which is one reason it runs slowly. She said she will run Google Analytics to see the club’s pageviews to better understand what direction to go in. In the long term, she plans to streamline the site, so it’s simple for multiple people to use.

Communities Foundation

Paul Wahlstrom said he would like the board to get guidance from the Communities Foundation on sponsorships. Steve Smith said they have free classes for how best to raise funds through North Texas Giving Day to maximize it.

Legends Awards

Paul Wahlstrom suggested using the Sixth Floor Museum again and Cary Broussard suggested getting members outside the board to help orchestrate this event. Zane Harrington offered to facilitate with the board and see if anyone followed up with Café Momentum.

Martha Tiller suggested doing a sponsorship package for both events.

Aynesworth Awards

Arnold Wayne Jones suggested having the Aynesworth Awards in May, instead of Legends, but Paul Wahlstrom disagreed.

Steve Smith said he can update the Google doc form for submissions so the board can start sending it out and set a date later.

Networking Happy Hour – following Dallas Morning News layoffs

PRSA offered to co-sponsor a networking happy hour in January or February, particularly to help journalists recently laid off. Arnold Wayne Jones is heading the effort and Liz Farmer is assisting.

Education & Training

Barry Hoffman said he’s in discussions about a potential event regarding problems that the press is facing.

6:15 p.m.


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