Board Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting – October 24, 2019 & November 21, 2019

November 23, 2019

Board Members Present – Paul Wahlstrom, Bill Young

Steve Smith – Staff

Proxy – Hugh Aynesworth

Conference phone – Zane Harrington

Guest – Matt Thomas

4:08 pm – Meeting Called to Order

4:10 pm – Matt Thomas Board Membership – Matt gave introductory information – worked for KRLD – Downtown Dallas Inc. communications director – Board Of Directors TX associated press broadcasters.

4:11 pm – New Board Member nomination: Bill Young nominated Matt Thomas, Zane Harrington seconded. Approved unanimously

4:12 pm – September 26th meeting minutes approved. Unanimous

4:15 pm – Financials – Discussed: outstanding add sponsorship invoices, Board Insurance payment, Membership dues down. Approved.  Unanimous

4:20 pm – Membership Discussion: feedback for non-renewals, ways to attract more membership, how to figure out how to make the Club more appealing and valuable for its members

4:23 pm – Keri called in – Communications Discussion – Tech Contractor Todd Davis is in direct contact with Paul Wahlstrom on website issues. 

Student Press Conference with Skip Hollingsworth discussed. Press release review. Possible Sponsors / underwriter mentioned as well as potential moderators. 3 colleges – 2 junior colleges have been confirmed for the Press Conference. Discussed possibly opening the press conference to the public after considering budget implications.

4:39 pm – Discussion of possible Internships with PCD for journalism students. Speakers groups will be focused on after the student press conference – Board Members have begun making contacts with possible host schools and speakers. Continuing education discussion tabled for Next Meeting.

4:42 pm – Aynesworth Awards scheduled for May and Legends in Oct 202P

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Thursday, November 21, 2019

Advocate Offices, 6301 Gaston Ave. #820

4:17 p.m. – Call to Order

Present: Paul Wahlstrom, Zane Harrington, Barry Hoffman, Hugh Aynesworth, Keri Mitchell, June Owens, Matt Thomas.

Minutes of October 24, 2019: Zane Harrington approved. Matt Thomas seconded. Passed

Financials: Keri Mitchell approved. Barry Hoffman seconded. Passed


Board discussed the possibility of a few additional events to raise membership acquisition, retainment, as well as professional development.


The group debriefed the previous months event with Skip Hollandsworth and discussed ways to improve, as well as what made the event a success. In an effort to further the Press Club mission and connect with local journalism schools, a press conference for students to was attended by upwards of 10 high school and collegiate journalism programs. A group of board members will continue to research and begin the planning process for an additional event.

The group discussed opportunities for another event in the spring.

Happy Hours: The group discussed the Press Club Holiday Happy Hour. General monthly happy hours will resume in March.

5:37 p.m. – Meeting adjourned.

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