Board Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting – July 25, 2019

August 21, 2019

Attending: Paul Wahlstrom, Hugh Aynesworth, Martha Tiller, Zane Harrington, Song Yang,

Guest:  Keri Mitchell

Start Time: 4:02 pm

4:04 pm -Motion to certify minutes of June 25th board meeting. Martha Tiller motioned, Zane Harrington seconded, board approved.

4:10 pm – Membership report

                 Topics Discussed: Memberize login issues for renewal of membership. Martha Tiller suggested soliciting publications to have their members represented in the Press Club of Dallas to up membership numbers and representation.

4:15 pm –Website.  Song Yang explained the issues with WordPress not supporting all the functionality of the current version of the website, leading to its crash.

                 Action Items to track down the GoDaddy login info and temp fix. Discussed the strategy for a refresh and scale down of the Websites look and functionality.

                 Paul Wahlstrom emphasized quick and easy updates, inclusion of past and present events, news about members and whether the site should have a newspaper layout versus a magazine layout.

4:26pm – Paul Wahlstrom thanked Song Yang for her hard work on the website issue. 

Location suggestions for Happy Hours: San Martin Bakery, Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

4:35pm –Annual Meeting. Agenda Items: food wine and beer

Song Yang and Zane Harrington to provide the beer and wine (reimbursed by the club)

                 Ballots: Paul    Food: Martha Tiller   5pm setup for Steve Smith and Board Members

4:50pm – Board meeting after the Annual meeting discussed.

Vote on the Financials Zane Harrington motioned, Martha Tiller seconded, approved

4:58 pm -Motion to Adjourn. approved

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