Board Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting – August 20, 2019

September 27, 2019

KERA – 12:30p.m.
12:37 p.m. – Call to Order

Minutes:Barry Hoffman approved. Keri Mitchell seconded.

Financials: Zane approved. Arnold seconded.

Present:Paul Wahlstrom, Zane Harrington, Barry Hoffman, Arnold Wayne Jones, Hugh Aynesworth, Keri Mitchell, Bill Young, June Owens, Song Yang via phone


Board discussed the impact the website issues had made on the membership numbers; although Memberize has remained up and running, many club members have accessed through the website.

Website and Social Media:

Song Yang was able to work with web developer to get the home page up and running. They will begin the process of rebuilding the site and subpages.


In an effort to further the Press Club mission and connect with local journalism schools, a discussion of a possible press conference for students to attend was opened. Barry Hoffman, Keri Mitchell and June Owens offered to head this process and will present the board with updates.

Paul Wahlstrom gave a brief history of student involvement in the club, and how we would like to get them more involved.

Happy Hour – scheduled for Sept. 17 at Ruins in Deep Ellum.

2:09 p.m. – Meeting Adjourned

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