Board Minutes

April 2018 Board Meeting Agenda / Minutes

August 20, 2018

April 24, 2018

Location – Biergarten, 665 S. Lamar St., Dallas

Attending: Board members – Cary Broussard, Cory Smith, Tristan Hallman, Hugh Aynesworth, Martha Tiller, Barry Hoffman, by phone: Angela Madison; Also attending — Michelle McClure (ex officio/Press Club administrator), Paul Wahlstrom (Aynesworth Awards Chair)

Absent: Joann Holt, Scott Goldstein, Frank Librio (their proxy votes held by Cary Broussard) and Ayona Anderson

The meeting convened at 4:20 p.m.

Old Business
Approval of the minutes for March 27 2018 meeting: Martha Tiller moved for approval, Cory Smith seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Approval of February 2018 and March 2018 financial reports. Motion made by Cory Smith and seconded by Martha Tiller. Motion approved unanimously.

Barry Hoffman asked what the current number of paid-up Press Club members was. Cary Broussard said she would check and let him know. As of Apr. 30, the number of active Press Club members was 108.

President’s Report

March 27 membership meeting
Cary Broussard said the feedback from the March 27 meeting at The Dallas Morning News was very positive and that she had sent a thank you note to the publisher for hosting our club. A discussion followed in which BOD members considered having the Press Club take out a subscription in the club’s name and/or providing a subscription discount for Press Club members. No decision was reached, but Tristan Hallman was to check with The DMN and see if such a program was possible.

Legends awards, new projects, general membership retreat
Carry said each of these projects was in the planning process, with emphasis being placed on the Legends Awards ceremony sometime in the early autumn.

Journalism scholarships
Cary said a meeting is scheduled at the Communities Giving Foundation for May 23 between Press Club representatives and Communities Giving Foundation principals to review scholarship applications for the upcoming scholastic year. She said the Foundation was seeking to support at least five scholarships.

Board of Director Nominations
The BOD unanimously approved two nominations for the Public Relations positions – Liz Farmer, formerly a reporter for the Dallas Morning News, now a brand journalist for the Pinnacle Corporation; and Zane Harrington, a Communications Specialist for Visit Dallas. Liz was recommended by Tristan Hallman and Zane was recommended by Frank Librio.

Possible resignation
Cary Broussard said that Ayona Anderson was considering resigning from the board. Cary said she would talk to Ayona, and a discussion was held to consider a possible replacement. In particular, Gene Wilson, a former reporter and broadcaster who owns his own media relations firm, was discussed.

Committee Updates Volunteer Committee
Cary Broussard said this committee was still in formation.

Aynesworth Awards
Committee Chair (and past Press Club President) Paul Wahlstrom recommended that the board accept a proposal from the Irving Convention Center, for event room accommodations, the food, and offer audio/video support. He gave a pricing list, which was comparable to what we spent in 2017. A discussion followed after which the board determined the date for the awards event would be approximately what it was in 2017 – Nov. 30 or Dec. 1. Paul said he would talk with the events planners at the convention center and try and firm up the date. Also discussed was establishing a social network posting group about the awards on the Press Club website in order to generate stronger interest in 2018.

Legends Awards
Postponed until the May meeting.

Membership Campaign
Report also postponed until May meeting.

Finally, Angela Madison is checking with Scott Goldstein on current password for Press Club Instagram account. Press Club is active on Instagram.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m. A co-sponsored mixer with the Dallas Bar Association followed the meeting at the Biergarten, which began at 6 p.m.

– Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barry Hoffman

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