Board Minutes

May 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2015

 Press Club minutes May 19 2015

Press Club of Dallas

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Center for Community Cooperation


Call to Order:

President Niki McCuistion called the meeting to order at 4:09 p.m.

Board Members Present:

Frank Librio, Niki McCuistion, Cary Broussard, Hugh Aynesworth, Deborah Fleck, Michael Grant, John Strange

Absent – Excused:

Shawn Paul Wood

Review of Minutes:

Motion: A motion to approve the March board meeting minutes was made by John, seconded by Michael. Motion carried.  

Financial Report:

Motion: A motion was made by Deborah to approve the March and April minutes – and seconded by John. Motion carried.

Nominating Committee Report:

The nominating committee consists of Frank (Chair), Deborah, and Hugh. Frank will craft an email to be sent to the board and all members seeking nominations. The call for nominations will be sent out by June 22.

[The committee will send out notification to all members asking them to recommend candidates to serve as director. Terms are for two years. Nominations made by the membership, board members or from other sources are reviewed by the nominating committee. The number of board openings is determined by the terms and classification of continuing board members as media members must always be in a majority on the board.  

The nominating committee presents a slate of candidates (one person for each available opening) to the Press Club board for approval. The board must approve the slate of board members not less than 30 days prior to the annual membership meeting. Other persons may be nominated by petition, signed by at least 10 members in good standing and submitted to the nominating committee not less than 30 days prior to the annual meeting. If this occurs, these candidates must be shown on the ballot.  

The Board of directors determines how the balloting is held – by regular mail, fax or electronic means. The ballot must contain the name of all candidates, including those nominated by petition, allowing space for write in votes as well. Voting must conclude at least one day prior to the annual meeting.]

Communications Training with Atomic:

Niki reported that she and David Wolpert (Administrative Assistant) met with Atomic to receive training on content management of the new website. Atomic will help with website updates when needed but at a cost.


Event Updates:


Excellence in Journalism – North Texas Legends

Cary reported that the event is scheduled for Thursday May 21 at the Sixth Floor Museum from 6-8:30pm. Kristi Nelson from NBC 5 has agreed to host the event. 13 distinguished journalists were selected by the event committee and each recipient was notified by Niki. Cary is organizing catering and other event logistics. Cary and David will push out invites on social media and news release announcing the winners.

Motion: A motion to allocate up to $200 for still photography and up to $350 for video and editing – was made by Cary, seconded by Frank. Motion Carried.

UPDATE: The event was a success with over 100 people in attendance. A press release was sent out post event and a story appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Voice, and Dallas Examiner.

Honorees included:

  • Helen Bryant Anders, Dallas Morning News, Austin American-Statesman, reporter, retired
  • B.J. Austin, KERA, KRLD radio, reporter, retired
  • Mollie Finch-Belt, Dallas Examiner, publisher
  • Sam Blair, Dallas Morning News sports reporter, columnist, retired
  • Becky Munoz-Diaz, KUVN-TV Univision 23, retired VP/General Manager
  • Dan Jenkins, Fort Worth Press, Dallas Times-Herald, sports reporter, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, writer, retired
  • David McHam, Southern Methodist University (SMU), Baylor University, 
University of Houston, journalism professor, retired
  • Bob Mong, Editor, Dallas Morning News, retired
  • Robert Moore, Founding Partner, Dallas Voice, retired
  • George Riba, WFAA-TV Channel 8 sports reporter, retired
  • Bob Ray Sanders, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, associate editor
  • Brad Sham, Dallas Cowboys Radio Network, KRLD, KLUV
  • Clarice Tinsley, anchor, KDFW, Fox 4

Mayor Mike Rawlings Roast

Frank has contacted the Mayor’s staff to see if the Mayor is agreeable to being roasted for the purposes of a club fundraiser. Frank is awaiting an answer. If the Mayor agrees, a committee will be formed and a structure will be developed for sponsors, roasters, tickets etc. The event will require an MC and scripting.

UPDATE: The Mayor has indicated through his Chief of Communications and Policy that he will consider this event and Frank will work with Scott Goldstein to keep discussions moving forward.

Press Cub of Dallas Awards:

A motion was made by Niki to have the Press Club develop an awards program and ceremony recognizing journalistic achievements within the next 3 years – and seconded by John.    


The meeting was adjourned at 6:13 pm by President Niki McCuistion.


Respectfully submitted: Secretary: Frank Librio

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