Board Minutes

1/22/15 Board Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2015

Press Club of Dallas

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 22, 2016

Center for Community Cooperation


Call to Order:

President Niki McCuistion called the meeting to order at 4:17 p.m.

Board Members Present:

Frank Librio, Niki McCuistion, Michael Grant, Cary Broussard, Hugh Aynesworth

Board Members Absent (Excused)

Deborah Fleck, John Strange, Shawn Paul Wood



David Dunnigan


Review of Minutes:

Motion: A motion to approve the November board meeting minutes was made by Cary, seconded by Michael.  Motion carried.   


Financial Report: 

Motion: A motion was made by Michael to approve the December financials and seconded by Hugh.  Motion carried.



Michael Jenkins Event:

The club received financials from E.M. Duvall & Associate noting the event, to date, reflects a net profit of $84,000.  There are still some outstanding expenses for printing and the video crew which have not cleared.   The profit may be about $82,000.


It was noted by Niki that past minutes (May 10, 2014, July 19, 2014, and August 24, 2014) reflect former president, Tony Pederson, as well as former board member Liz Oliphant – both organizers of the event – had stated that net proceeds from the event would be used for club operating budget and for future scholarships administered by the Dallas Press Club Foundation Scholarship Fund.


Niki, Frank, and Michael sought further guidance on the proper amount to be allocated for club operating expenses from Liz Oliphant and Tony Pederson and our bookkeeper, Mac Duvall and it was advised that retaining 15 – 20%  for our operating budget would be appropriate.


Motion: A motion was made by Niki to retain 18% for club operating expenses, seconded by Hugh.  Motion carried.


The board discussed that the remaining event proceeds would be conveyed to the Communities Foundation for scholarships but not until a meeting could be coordinated between the club’s leadership and the foundation and its governing body to obtain an accurate understanding of the relationship between the club and foundation.



Event Updates:


Networking Event / Mixer

An event has been organized by Paul for January 27th 5:30 – 7:30pm at the Greenville Avenue Bar & Grill.



Living Legends

David Dunnigan discussed the process of producing this event which takes place in May, usually on a Thursday evening.  David, Cary, and Hugh are organizing the event.  A suggestion of judges was discussed to include Bob Ray Sanders, Carolyn Barta, Hugh Aynesworth, and Niki McCuistion – with a possible fifth judge.  The event needs an MC – and it was discussed that Frank would reach out to Kristi Nelson from NBC 5.  Club members will have an opportunity to nominate candidates for this award.  The possibility of opening up nominations to working journalists was discussed.  In the past, the award was given to those who have worked in journalism and presently retired.  A change in award/gift was discussed and the event committee will provide suggestions.



Mayor Mike Rawlings Roast

Frank has contacted the Mayor’s staff to see if the Mayor is agreeable to being roasted for the purposes of a club fundraiser.  Frank is awaiting an answer.  If the Mayor agrees, this event would likely take place in late June or early July.  A structure will be developed for sponsors, roasters, tickets etc.  The event will require an MC and scripting.



New Beginnings

Frank has contacted the Stoneleigh Hotel (Le Meridien) about hosting an event in the penthouse library, former long-time meeting area for the club.  The hotel is open to discussing an appropriate plaque or marker of some type commemorating the space as the club’s home for many years.  Once the club is ready to unveil a new logo and website – the event will be organized and executed for March or April.



Cyber Civics Workshop

Frank and Niki have made contact with Sana Syed, Director of the Public Information Office at City Hall. Sana is interested in working with the club to redevelop and retool the plan Frank put in place before the event was cancelled due to a conflict in the Mayor’s schedule.  Frank, Niki, and Sana are scheduled to meet Friday, January 30 at 3:30pm in Frank’s office to discuss the event further.



Website / Logo:

The new club logo was voted and approved via proxy email vote by board members.


Michael showed the general design of the new website which was welcomed by the board.  The board will review copy and suggest edits and wording.

Motion: A motion was made by Frank to approve the schematic design and format of the website, seconded by Michael. Motion carried.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 pm by President Niki McCuistion.


Respectfully submitted: Secretary: Frank Librio

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