Board Minutes Off the Record

1/19/13 Board Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2013

SMU School of Journalism

The meeting was opened at 9:45 AM by President Liz Oliphant. Present were Hugh Aynesworth, Rudy Bush. Allen Manning. Niki McCuistion, Chris Howell, Robert Smith, Tony Pederson and Paul Wahlstrom.

Minutes of the December 15, 2013 were approved as corrected. Paul Wahlstrom said minutes are going up on website after they are approved.

Liz reviewed and explained that on January 8 we transferred funds from savings to checking account according to established protocol. We presently have $10,306 in savings.

Committee Reports:

Professional Development: Allen Manning discussed upcoming event that will be held at SMU on March 2, 9 AM -12 Noon. The event will focus on freelance work today – The Ultimate Freelancer. Our target audience would be public relations professionals, journalists, free lancers, students and others who want to learn more about today’s communications/ media market. Several suggestions were made regarding panelists and contributors. A committee will meet this Saturday at Torchy’s in Casa Linda area to finalize content and program. Allen will report back at next meeting.

Programming: Niki McCuistion asked if were still interested in a program on the responsibility of the Press, prompted by the Connecticut shooting and inaccurate reporting that ensued. Liz suggested a co-sponsorship with Dallas Bar Association. Tony Pederson mentioned the Ethics in Journalism program that is taught in his school and forwarded us the details; Hugh Aynesworth suggested a name draw such as Tracy Rowlett. Niki will pursue idea for early spring date.

Excellence in Journalism awards. Robert Smith discussed progress and the survey questions he is sending out.  The Lone Star Emmy process as a potential model was discussed as was the interest in reviving anything along the Katies’ line. Barry Hoffman has offered $2,000 toward a scholarship/awards program.

Networking: Paul reported the next event is at Milo Butterfingers on the Jan. 23rd. Morton’s will be venue on Feb. 4th. Allen has been encouraging his Ft. Worth associates to attend and suggested a later time would help attendance.

Membership: Chris Howell reported that he is working on membership with Delisa Day and Megan Gray. He’ll have more to discuss at next meeting.  Paul said that Oncor had not renewed their corporate membership and he would follow up with them.

50th Anniversary JFK: Hugh mentioned the DMN is doing a documentary with the reporters still alive who covered the event. The Club needs to decide what to do to mark the occasion.

Old Business:

Foundation: Tony and Liz met with representatives of the Press Club Foundation and the Communities Foundation of Texas to discuss the relationship between the two press organizations. The corpus of the Press Club of Dallas Foundation funds- $450,000 – has been turned over to Communities to manage. Communities will seek applicants and award scholarships based on available funds ($15,500 this year). An advisory committee composed of representatives from both Foundations makes the scholarship selection and Communities administers the funds.

Following approval by the Press Club board of directors at the February meeting, the three organizations agreed that: (1) a Press Club representative would be added to the advisory committee (Tony Pederson was asked to serve and he accepted); (2) From time to time, the Press Club would add additional funds to the corpus for scholarships; and (3) The Press Club would assist in promoting the scholarship opportunities via the website, announcements, contact with universities and publicity.

Michelle Bleiberg, treasurer, has been added as a signatory on the bank accounts.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 AM.

Respectfully submitted by:

Niki McCuistion