A New Direction

The same commitment. A different direction. Welcome to the new Press Club of Dallas.

While the Press Club of Dallas has encountered its share of obstacles and experienced sustaining moments that helped develop this organization into what it is today, some of its founding members got together with its youngest leaders in the media and PR industry to gain a holistic view about what great organizations provide and what motivated members desire.

The Press Club of Dallas  is dedicated to providing education and insight about the real world of journalism and provide meaningful membership benefit and value, direct relation, and overall appeal for students, rookies, and veterans of both the media and other fields of communications.


The Press Club of Dallas  respects the evolution of modern media, the history and sacrifices of those who preserve our freedom of speech and the overall advancement for journalism in every form.

The Press Club Promise

Since 1948, the pillars of Truth, Trust, and Transparency have been the the foundation of this press club, or any across this country that advocates for First Amendment rights because free press is what a free society demands. That dependable exchange of information between the media and its public is how this country is informed and equipped to create change – driven by people and enabled by technology.

Truth about the manner in which
the Press Club of Dallas is operated

Trust in the leadership of
the Press Club of Dallas

Transparency for the Press Club of Dallas
as an organization

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