It’s a new century. It’s a new era for journalism. Meet the new Press Club of Dallas!

Who We Are

The Press Club of Dallas is a dynamic organization of journalists, and professional communicators, in North Texas  committed to promoting the discipline of journalism, communication, literacy, current affairs and First Amendment freedoms. We value the development, and protection of journalism.


Make no mistake: This is an organization dedicated to the benefit, development, and protection of journalism.

Together, the members and board of the Press Club of Dallas provide opportunities for professional development and education, networking, and outreach to college journalism students with education and scholarship opportunities. Our very diverse membership includes bureau chiefs and cub reporters, journalism professors, communication and journalism students, public relations professionals, professional bloggers, and all other consultants who work in or with the media on a regular basis.


A Forum to Share Information

Members of the Press Club of Dallas benefit from a rich history in North Texas as well as a progressive, new direction to challenge advocates of the media in all facets. The Press Club of Dallas opens doors with broadcast outlets, online sources, and agencies of all sizes to create a forum to share information, learn from each other, and develop an atmosphere of professional communication development.

Membership for ALL!

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