Submission Rules

• All entrants must complete the online submission form.

• No entry will be accepted after 12:01 am, Aug. 11, 2017.

• Space is available on the entry form for a statement about the article or series of articles – how it was prepared and what response or change, if any, came from those organizations or individuals who were the subjects of the investigation.

• Entries will be accepted from individuals, a reporting team or a news organization. Any entry with more than three names will be considered a “staff” effort and will be reflected that way on the awards given to the winners. If the entry is a series of investigative reports, a maximum of five stories will be accepted as a single entry.

• Each entrant (individual, news organization, reporting team) is limited to no more than two submissions per category. The entry fee is $30 per submission.

• Because these awards are for enterprise and investigative reporting, judges will be looking for stories that reflect uniqueness in revealing information to the audience about issues that need attention, issues that need remedy, wrongs that need to be righted.

• All judging is conducted by journalists from outside the state of Texas, and the judges’ decisions are final. On rare occasions, judges may decide that some of the categories did not have reporting that merited an award.

• Winners be announced at the awards dinner in June (more details to come).

• The material submitted for judging cannot be returned and becomes the property of the Press Club of Dallas, for the purpose of promoting and publicizing the annual competition.

Deadline for submissions: This contest is for work during calendar year 2016. Deadline is 12:01 am on Aug. 11, 2017.

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