The Aynesworth awards are open to individuals and news organizations operating in the state of Texas.

All entries are made online.

The entries must contain entrant contact information, and information about the entry itself:

Date of publication or airing, name of the reporter(s), description of the story, inclusion of any photos (or video for TV and digital entrants) and a report on any results that came from the story or series. An explanation as to how the idea came about would be helpful as well.

The Categories
Daily newspapers Category 1 100,000 circulation* (combined print and digital)
Category 2 between 99,999 circulation and 50,000 circulation
Category 3 below 50,000 circulation
*circulation numbers are Mon.-Fri.

Television stations Category 1 Nielsen Market 1-50
Category 2 Nielsen Market 51-140
Category 3 Nielsen Market 141– 210

Radio stations Category 1 Nielsen market 1-50
Category 2 Nielsen Market 51-155
Category 3 Nielsen market 156-272

Magazines There are no circulation categories or frequency of publication requirements

Weekly newspaper
There are no circulation categories

Digital news sites/news wire services A digital news site can be part of another organization (e.g., a newspaper or TV station), however if the story or stories also appeared in print or on television or radio, the digital version should include exclusive digital features (such as video, graphics or photos). Digital news entries may be submitted by stations, program services, website, online news organizations and individual journalists. A story or stories submitted in the digital category may not also be entered in a second category. Submissions that were published in a language other than English must include an English translation with the original work. There are no circulation categories or market size requirements for digital news sites or wire services

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