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Press Club of Dallas launches initiatives for local journalism students

With its commitment to investing in the future of journalism, the Press Club of Dallas is launching two initiatives to benefit journalism students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area:

The Student Press Conference series will feature North Texas newsmakers and give journalism students a chance to hone their interview skills. Students from area universities, junior colleges, prep and high school journalism programs will be invited to participate. Members of the Press Club will coordinate the press conference and help prepare the students, but all questions will be formulated and asked by the students.

The second initiative is the Press Club of Dallas’ Speakers Group, which will coordinate appearances by experienced journalists in a class or school gathering. Professors and teachers will be able to choose from a list of Press Club associates and journalism-related topics. 

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Membership Adds Three to the Board of Directors

August 2 – At the Annual Press Club of Dallas Membership Meeting, three new candidates were elected to the Board of Directors.

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2019 Legends of North Texas Journalism

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Press Club of Dallas Scholarship Fund

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